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COLOSSIANS 2: 6-10 As ye therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in HIM. Rooted and built up in HIM, and established in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world and not after Christ. For in HIM dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in HIM, which is the head of all principality and power. 

Greatest Love Ministries mailing address is, 

P.O. Box 981 Indian Rocks Beach, Florida 33785

Telephone number is 727-249-1891

Do not send mail to the old address that Google and other search engines has for us on its site for our Ministry.

I heard the other day a saying that said, use fear to work for you and not against you. Fear can cripple you and leave you unproductive, it is like a hidden jail that keeps you from seeing the magnificent Holy God, who made all  things good, but somehow we see only the bad and that traps us, but God sees it too and has done something about it. We will all face HIM someday and give an account for the way we lived on this earth and what we did to the people around us. God sees the heart of man and HE Judges perfectly by reading the Book of Life and HE will see the names written there and that will decide the fate of mankind. It is already settled in Heaven, Gods Will and Gods Word will judge us.

Those who’s names are not found in the Book of Life will be cast into the Lake of Fire at the very last day for all eternity, screaming day and night through all eternity, it is already settled in Heaven. Think about this, is God calling you to HIM ? Does HE want to save you from hell and the Lake of Fire? Turn to HIM before it is to late. It is up to you where your name will be written, in the Book of Life or the Book of living death where you never die, only suffering beyond anything you could imagine, when you go to hell, you will wish you could get back here on earth for some water and food and love and all the things you will miss.

But you can never come out of Hell not ever, until the very last day, when you stand before a HOLY GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, you will wish you loved your neighbor and worshiped the only true GOD and JESUS CHRIST. It is still up to you to turn your life over to HIM. What will it be?


January 5, 2017

 Stay close to the Lord, when the enemy comes at you, stand your ground and keep quoting Scripture, because Gods Words will never return void. God will help you, be strong, be strong, be strong in the LORD!


December 13

God bless you this Christmas season, let HIM in your heart and let HIM fill all of you, your spirit, mind, body, and soul. HE is watching you and all people, trust HIM, and don’t worry about those who lie about you, they will get their reward.


December 6, 2016

GOD greatly bless all of you, no matter what we go through in this life, we know that Christ is with us through the good, the bad, and the ugly, through the fires and the floods, HE will never leave us or forsake us. HIS Word tells us, that whosoever calls upon the name of the LORD shall be saved, so no matter how many times you blew it in this life, call on HIM to help you, inspite of your own imperfections. Trust HIM and HE will help you and be your strength to see you through.


October 4th 2016

I haven’t written on this page in over a year, the computer has been down and need to get a new one. I pray for all of you that God in HIS perfect Mercy will keep you and protect you from Satan’s evil schemes and keep your heart pure towards HIM, God Bless you.

I was thinking about when Jesus cursed the fig tree, and I heard different ideas about it, and why the Jews did not believe in Christ. My conclusion is that they misunderstood the Covenant between God and Abraham. The hidden reason was, Christ came before HIS time, and HE didn’t seem to have the needed Scripture to back and satisfy their concerns. They never saw Christ as Christ. They were blocked from seeing the King of Kings. Christ did come before HIS time and it was hidden in Scripture. Just like the fig tree, it wasn’t time yet to produce figs, yet Christ wanted to eat some and when He went to the tree, it had no figs on them. It would take a little book to explain more about this, but will continue to add more to this. First of all the tree should have recognized who Christ was, Because Christ made that fig tree and it should have known and understood that and produced fruit HIM. Just like the Jews, but they didn’t recognize Christ either. They missed the most important thing about the Covenant, “The Blood of Christ”. which was the Covenant, there were two parts to the covenant and they only saw one part and missed the most important part and the necessary part, the fig tree story was an example of the Jews only seeing the last part of the Covenant. Christ came earlier to save as many people as HE can from the destruction of hell. And the Scripture was fulfilled and also for the Gentiles sake.


April 5, 2015


HE is alive, praise God, our Lord is alive forever more. Today I have the old site pointed to Knowledge Changes Thoughts .com. I will be adding more of the old site, but archive most of it. I pray your Easter celebration of our Lord was precious. When you just put knowledgechanges thoughts .com, other blogs come up along with this site. I couldn’t help responding to a talk show host on the post below, but, I want to reserve responding to them anymore. Or maybe on another blog? God bless you this Special day.


I was thinking about the second resurrection when all the evil ones come up from hell and every place else to stand before God the Father and Jesus Christ. And they are now eternal bodies, they can never die. They will feel pain and suffering.

When we that belong to the Lord get resurrected, we will have sinless immortal bodies that will never die, but after the thousand years are up, the evil ones who rejected Jesus Christ will also have their regular bodies back, meaning the same sinful body they had when they died, it will not be decomposed anymore, but be in complete form as they once were before they died.

So when they hit that lake of fire, they will feel the burning forever because their body will be a sinful immortal body, meaning that it can never die or be destroyed again, And Satan and his angels already know this, but Satan doesn’t care about anyone, he is the destroyer.

The body that God gave Adam and Eve decayed and did die, just like God said would happen, and only Christ could save us from what is at stake in the future, in the after death time. That is why Christ died, so he would pay our penalty that was required for turning against God. It all makes sense when you read the book that explains all this, the Bible.

Most people read books, and they get to know the character they are reading about. But the Bible is a mystery Book meaning only God can reveal who HE is and the meaning of why Christ had to die, this life we have right now is not the important life, but the next life is. And if people would read the book, the Bible through Gods eyes, they would get to know HIM and understand HIM. There is so much more to this, trust God and get to know HIM and then you will trust Christ.

January 20,2015 1, 2015

Do you know that we, Gods people, have a thread of Gods Holy DNA in the middle of us? And it is pure and sinless and has power. But we surround it with fearful thoughts from every direction that life and the enemy throws at us, but God Himself is reminding us that HE is in that Holy DNA that nothing can ever touch it. And He is giving us the strength we all need to walk through the fires of life, because HE says that HE already walked on this earth and went through everything we go through and was oppressed and targeted because HE was a human and Righteous and only those who are also righteous, because we have that Holy DNA in us, including all [the who-so-ever-wills] in JOHN 3:16.

Because no evil seed will ever become apart of the [who-so-ever-wills]. What I mean is, Satan’s seed. God  Loves you and all people and wants to save as many who will come to HIM. God is reaching down with both hands open waiting for all HIS people to come to HIM and HE needs us to catch them like someone who catches fish. Remember Jesus when here on earth selected the apostles to become fishers of men, and many people are doing just that, by letting Christ speak to their hearts by hearing HIS words being preached.  More later.

In the beginning God, created the heaven, and the earth….and the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of God, moved upon the face of the waters. And God said “Let their be [Light]”, meaning, Christ the Lord who is The LIGHT, and there was Light.

And God saw the Light, that it was good, and God divided the Light from the Darkness. And God called the Light [Day] and the Darkness HE called [Night] and the evening and the morning were the first day. Not a 24 hour day, my opinion.

Now comes the good part….what was just said is Gods words from GENESIS Chapter 1, verses 1-5. these verses tell us that…. the earth already existed and that water already existed and [that darkness existed]….before God ever said let there be Light…..and the first thing God did…… was to distinguish between [Satan the Darkness] and [Christ the Light], meaning Good and Evil, and then God made Hell…[the deep] to trap Satan and Satan’s angels….God built a jail in the deep which had several compartments to it and a bottomless PIT for Satan and Satan’s angels and demons.

Because God made the earth right over the same area that Satan would go to be alone away from the Light. Satan liked the darkness and this is where he would come to contemplate his evil schemes on how to over-throw God and the Word of God, meaning Christ.

But when God said “let there be light”….Satan didn’t like it…because the LIGHT who was Christ exposed Satan’s deeds…..and Satan knew that God wasn’t an easy push-over and he also knew that God was coming after him through Christ Jesus.

It may have been spiritual waters or invisible waters before God said “Let there be Light” and once the Light came into Creation that caused our reality, the physical world. And God would proceed to program the earth and Christ would fulfill all of God’s wishes.

So things existed before Christ was manifested in Creation, Christ being referred to as the Light.

God was making Himself known by coming into a physical, tangible universe and made Himself real in that universe through Christ and through us, the people HE made. That was the purpose of the Light to be the first thing that God would use to build Creation…to protect its beginning and its ending and secure all the decrees and laws into Creation that Christ would carry out to the T, to the plan of God the Father.

More will be continued……..

The Scripture says, that God the Father draws all those HE wants to save to Jesus Christ the Lord, and then Christ says, “That all those that the Father has given to ME will come to me and he who cometh to ME, I will in no wise cast out”, meaning Christ will Save them, meaning give them New Life, HIS Life in them, Eternal Life, and then it is the Holy Spirit that seals us to the Blood of the Lamb and indwells us forever, and is a comfort to us and guides us into truth along with Jesus Christ who sits on the throne of our heart.

Thank you for visiting our site, I am looking for a possible retired Pastor to help be a part of this ministry and help start a home Bible study and [prayer group] along with others also, because unless God builds a ministry, it is built in vain. If God just wants me in this ministry that is OK with me too. But we all need a prayer group for people to tell how there week went and a group of us can pray for all the difficulty we have and God can strengthen us, where we wouldn’t have that any place else. It is one on one with God and Jesus Christ. Like it was when the first churches started back 2,000 years ago before there were any denominations. Gods people came together to seek the Lord and a prayer group is the key where God meets with us and fellowship with us. And we can experience HIS healing for our mind and spirit.

Our desire is to exalt God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. And lift up all HIS chosen people no matter what denomination they are from. And leave God do the Judging from now on of all people because HIS word already tells of HIS mercy and forgiveness for those that come to HIM and want to walk with HIM.

And trust Jesus Christ to complete in all of us what HE started in us. Give Christ the time HE needs to perform HIS will in your life.HE was human on this earth, the same as us, and walked as a human and felt the same things we feel and went through all the things we go through and HE won the victory and paid the price for us, with HIS life. If HE cared that much for us, then trust HIM in the down times as well as the up times. HE will never fail us as long as we do not give up. It is OK to feel down and oppressed by the devil and his cohorts, that is part of what the Christians have to go through in this life, Christ went through it also.

Read the 4 gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to understand the life of Christ and HIS love for us. Then read Genesis and Revelation, that will help you understand Psalms, Daniel, and other books of GODS WORDS, and help you understand the time we are living in right now. That is the way God reveals Himself to us, through HIS words. Can some get saved without ever hearing the gospel? If God wants to save you, HE will find some way to do it, usually through hearing HIS words, HE makes you feel HE is speaking directly to you and you feel it in your spirit.

Or it may be HIM directly speaking to your spirit Himself for all those like babies, but remember Christ went to hell to speak to all those in hell, whether that was people from the past or those also from the future, I am not sure, but all heard the gospel as said in Peter, the saved and the unsaved

May God give you HIS Love, mercy and blessings today.


We all have gone through all kinds of goodness and happy times in our life, and we have all gone through the sad and unhappy times too. Talking about them helps especially in a true honest prayer group, it encourages us and keeps us going. God bless all of you this day and always. We want you to be apart of this new site, and we want to make it a good experience for all those that share their input and, there are already many programs out there helping others, breathing Holy air into them straight from God the Father.

That Holy DNA in us is meant to help lift Gods children up and helping make the road a little easier to travel on. God bless all of you and know we are praying for all those who come to this site for God to heal and inspire and taste a little bit of Heaven along with all the true servants of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I can’t wait till the site is completed.

May God send HIS tender mercies to those that need HIS love and comfort in these recent weeks that need HIS special touch to lift their hearts from feeling down and going through a really difficult time right now, may God the Father hug you close to HIM. And may you know that HEwent through all the things you are feeling right now, What ever it is that is going on in your life right now, HE knows all about it, and will guide you into peaceful thoughts. 

 Keep the faith, we are all one in Christ, HE felt every feeling that you and I ever felt, HE knows what we are going through, HE is precious  and HIS Holy DNA in us has the power to see us through, God bless you,

Remember HE is looking at us through Holy eyes, a lot different than how we see each other. HIS thoughts are Holy, we can trust HIM in life and in death, because we never really die. Hang in there, and remember affliction wouldn’t be affliction if it didn’t hurt, also ST. Paul didn’t always sing and give praises when he was going through some heavy duty suffering. Try and look at both sides of the coin about life, don’t make it harder than what it is. Christ went through tough times here on this earth, even went through depression and sadness, but HE had a few good friends, so if anyone understands you, HE can, through HIS Holy eyes and Holy Love. Pray always and give praise to the ONE and HOLY TRUE GOD and the LAMB.







2 thoughts on “Greatest Love Ministries

  1. Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I am happy to write to you and tell you that I was moved with what you teach in your web-site. I request you and your church ministry to extend your church and your true pillars of faith into our young fellowship here in Kenya. I really desire your mission covering ours and that you give us more directives in church planting and leadership.
    Many blessing in Jesus Name!
    God bless you.
    Pastor Felix

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